Unforgettable Wedding DJ Entertainment

Congratulations on your engagement!

The most exciting moment of your life awaits and it’s time to plan. But where do you start?

Your flowers may look beautiful but they cannot create LAUGHTER. The food and drink may taste amazing but they do not promote FUN (well, maybe the drink). And your photographer and videographer will be there to capture all of the magical moments but they cannot CREATE them.

The sole driving force behind any unique and unforgettable wedding celebration is the love you have for each other and a talented entertainer who can provide you with direction, fun, laughter, and LOTS of dancing.

It’s About You!

We are all unique and we are all different in one way or another. That’s what makes life interesting. It’s also what makes your wedding different!

Every couple shares different values, traditions, styles, and taste. It is the role of the ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR to incorporate your personality into your celebration making your special day unique to you and your fiancé.

Make YOUR Day Unique!

My Role

The role of an Entertainment Director (DJ/MC) is to go above and beyond the expectations of a traditional DJ throughout your planning process and on your wedding day. He goes out of his way to communicate in advance with your ceremony and reception team (vendors) to ensure everyone is on the same page. He has fun and creative suggestions for guest involvement and will offer his expertise on the personalization of your ceremony/reception events and timeline. Not to mention he will keep you and your guests dancing ALL night! An Entertainment Director is the person who will make your wedding stress-free, fun, and UNFORGETTABLE!

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